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Does he only think of me as a friend?

So there's this guy that I get along really well with. I see him once or twice a week at this office. We're not really friends since we've never spent time outside. We just talk when we meet but we both laugh a lot. It's much fun talking to him. We're both athletic so we mostly talk about that. He also likes to try out things that I like (only we won't do it together since we've never spent time with each other outside). For example, I'll tell him that this certain restaurant was good and he'll tell me that he's going to check it out tonight or if I tell him that I used to bowl, he'll tell me that him and his friends went bowling.

About 4 months ago, we became Facebook friends. The thing is, he has a ton of friends and I notice that he hardly comments on stuff, so obviously, he never comments on my stuff.

Last month, I went to visit this place I used to live and met up with my ex (we are only friends now) and we took a photo of the two of us (our faces uploaded) and I posted it on Facebook but marked his eyes off since my ex didn't want his photo uploaded.

Then, a week later, the guy I talk to posts a similar photo of him and this girl and they're both wearing red heart huge sunglasses. Same sort of pose that my ex and I did. I normally like his statuses but I didn't bother liking that photo.

Just recently, he posted a photo of his friend and some girl with him and the girl that was in the photo. They were all out eating.

So when I saw him a few days ago, I popped the question if that was his girlfriend. He said no and paused....and then started explaining that she's just a friend he hangs out with to go to concerts because they have similar tastes in music. He then went on to explain the relationship he had with the other people that were in the photo.

I wrote something silly on his wall (so out of my character) and I'm seeing him tomorrow. I'm so embarrassed :( I'm older, too....

I get confused as to our relationship sometimes. What can I make from this?

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    Are you asking if he finds you attractive? Because I can't answer that. You'd be surprised, however, at how oblivious guys can be about that kind of thing and how easily they can remove someone from "friendzone." He seems to enjoy spending time with you, so it's a start. I don't see any obvious flags though. I was friends with a girl for several years and didn't find out until much later that she had a crush on me. Guys are almost always willing to believe a girl finds him attractive, but without any advances, they're not always up for acting on it.

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    When Facebook is involved, paranoia can get so out of hand. At the same time, I, as a guy know hate it when the girl I've been trying to know starts flirting with other guys like an ex boyfriend.

    It's annoying.

    And I've spoken about this with my friends, who are also guys. We all like to go after several girls, even though we prefer only one, and think that the girl should never do the same. It annoys us to the bone.

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    Sounds like you are an acquaintance....

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