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Freaking out? Horse show tomorrow?

I've got my first show tomorrow. I don't feel ready at all but my trainer is making me do it (she says it'll help with my confidence) I've been freaking out all week now. There is no way I can do this and I can't get out of it.

Apart of me wants to do it but I'm SO afraid of being judged by the other kids my age because I haven't been riding nearly as long and I'm not good at all.

I just don't wanna be made fun by the crowd and the other horse riders and omg I'm shaking just thinking about it.

Any ways to calm me down? It's barrel racing by the way.

Another thing...when they say like (example names)

First off is Janet July, on deck is June April, and deep in the hole is Karissa Carls when Janet goes first then leaves when does June go in? Do you go as she gets out of the arena or do they call your name? That's another part i'm freaking out about.

Anyway to help me quit freaking out?


Thank you!

Update 2:

"Deep in the hole" around here is the third person to go. :P

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    Just breathe, everyone was once where you are right now. If people make fun of you, it is just because they are ignorant and probably feel bad about themselves. Just hold your head high, and try your best, the most important thing to do is to remember to have fun! When I do gaming, everyone is quite nice to each other and very helpful, hopefully things will be like that for you as well. For me, they will call your name when it's your turn. Just watch the other people that go before you, and see how they go. You will be fine. It's a learning experience, and just remember to have fun and be proud of yourself for going!

    Best of luck!

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    First off, I totally understand what your going through. I did my first real show a month ago (off property). I was a nervous wreck, it was 2-phase, dressage and show jumping. I would recommend setting a SMALL goal, that's what I did. My goal was to get through the day without messing up majorly. It worked well because it made me focus on my goal, not the people around me. Let me just say that there will be people judging you, I ignore them and just tell myself that they are just jealous and ignorant. Being around very calm people helps while you are at the event. My trainer, and another experienced rider encouraged me the whole day. My trainer also watched my rounds, which made me feel more comfortable knowing she was there if something went wrong.

    My first show went pretty well. In my show jumping the horse refused the last jump and I was eliminated, and there was also 4 girls about my age watching, and really once you get through an embarrassment like that, nothing can really phase you after. I say the first show is always the experiment aka go in and tell yourself that its just for fun nothing more nothing less. And the crowd shouldn't make fun of you, when my horse refused the jump 3 times, the crowd actually went silent. The fourth time we made it over and everyone clapped, personally the people in the crowd should understand what your doing is hard.

    "First off is Janet July" means that is the person who is going to be riding right now. "On deck is June April" is the next person to go, after "Janet July". And I don't know what "deep in the hole" means, never heard it.

    Another thing ask as many questions as you want to your trainer. Even the ridiculous ones, because you may learn something. You could do a "practice competition", where you would do the competition exactly how you would in the real competition. Have your trainer sit to the side and watch on, because they wont be able to yell at you to tell you what to do. My trainer does the same thing for jumping competitions. She will give me a course and sit off to the side and doesn't say a word, even if I mess up, because you want to be able to handle any situation when you trainer isn't there to help.

    Also I'm sure your not bad at riding, if your trainer says your ready, then you probably are. But it does concern me the way you word it saying "my trainer is making me do it." Don't push yourself too far, because a competition can help with confidence, but it can be a bad thing if you are forced.

    Hope you have fun, and good luck!

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    Congratulations! That sounds so fun. Forget about what others think. Let them judge & talk about you. Trust me, there's always going to be someone in your life who never has anything nice to say about you. The hell with them! Nobody cares about their negative comments, & you definitely shouldn't either. You should just thank your trainer for that awesome opportunity, & have fun on your day! Forget the ugly people surrounding you, & do what you want to do. Focus on yourself, & do your best! & if you keep your ambitious mind up, you'll someday be better than those kids! Good luck!

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