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How to not care about other people's lives?

For some reason I always check twitters or instagrams of those who go to my school. I don't even use any media platform (I don't have a Facebook or instagram or twitter) yet I still look at others. I absolutely hate it and I think it's a waste of my time yet I still do it. How do I stop caring about other people's lives?

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    You need to find something else to do. Sounds like you're doing it out of boredom.

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    8 years ago

    It's not bad to read them some people like to know what their friends (or enemy's) are up to but if you really want to stop find a tv show or activity (anything to forget about it) or even just ask some friends to hang out. It is normal to have things you THINK you HAVE to do but if you don't like them then get over them

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