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Writing a story and need information about an animal bite?

I'm writing a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, but I want it to sound real-ish. So, in my story, Red ends up getting bitten in the calf of her leg by the wolf and drug away, and she's not going to be able to walk on it for a while, and that's where I'm a bit unsure. First of all, what damage (save for the obvious flesh wounds) would be plausible? I was thinking there would be a lot of damage to the muscle tissue, but I'm not sure. Does that sound right? And would there be anything else notable (again, save for the flesh wounds). And second, how long would it reasonably take to heal? Would the damage be something that would require surgery and would there be lasting damage from not having it. Anything anyone can tell me about this, as I've been unable to find anything searching online, would be helpful and much appreciated. As I said before, I want this to be a real as possible. Thanks!

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    you could say the wolf loved the taste of her blood so he drug her away for a long time

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