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Aching wrist and forearm?

My left forearm and wrist has suddenly been aching and causing slight tingling sensations. I sprained my wrist 2 weeks ago but my movement and everything else seems fine. Also, these symptoms of aching and pins and needles get severely worse when I try sleep. Last night for example, I woke up 3 times with the dull aching pain and numbness in my hand like the circulation was cut off. Could anybody help me with this? Thanks


When I press the forearm in the middle and on the sides, I get an aching sensations for about 10 seconds, then this pain disappears, this ache can re-occur when picking things up and using my hand. Also, this pain occurs when I bend my thumb towards the palm of my hand.

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    Could be swelling. Cal the doctor up who addressed your sprain if you did have one, or call a doctor now.

    Numbness and the pins/needles are not good and indicates nerve involvement and/or damage. Which can be VERY bad.

    So call up a doctor...or if you want to wait a little bit take an ibuprofin to help with swelling/pain...see what happens.

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