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Is death note seemed sloppy after ls death?

I mean how they introduced the new chracters and everything (I could go more deep but cant be asked) I personally thought that L should have setted up things so kira (light) could have been caught after l's death he would be caught giving the rest of the team a chance leaving the intensity of the L and light duel remaining and im on episode 27 btw and I feel deathnote lost it tensity and edge however still interesting after L death. YOUR THOUGHT?

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    (there might be spoilers in my answer but) I disagree, it changed a bit because the dynamics weren't exactly the same, but it was still a very interesting and intense show. The abrupt introduction of the new characters seemed purposeful and well done to me, besides while I did love L as a character, and thought he was one of the deepest most interesting characters in the show, my favorite character turned out to be Mello, who wasn't really introduced until after L's death. Besides the Main character Light just jumped more and more off the deep end once L and Soichiro died, which I thought added to the Drama a lot.

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    I believe that that was half of the point of L dying. If he were to live, the show could have gone on for a long time. The original author also needed a way to draw more hate to the anti-hero, they did this by eliminating the only character that the reader had to like. From then on, two new, not-so-lovable characters were introduced to continue L's work and wrap up the story. Essentially, they turned L into two annoying kids to help with closure.

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    yeah..i felt the same way. The anime gets sloppy after death of, to me only the 25 episode of death note was great and u might get much bored in the upcoming episodes.

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