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Tmi question but I'm desperate (possible uti)?

I've had to urinate almost every 45 minutes for the last 3 days, but along with that i have a burning sensation as where my pelvic bone would be, like my bladder area. I've never had any infection so I have no idea if it could be a uti or bladder infection in which I've done some research on and seems a lot like what I've been experiencing, (im still and always have been std free) i am sexually active but with one man my whole life and hes never had any std either so thats definitely mot the case, the trouble is I don't have health insurance or a doctor, are there any home or over the counter medicines I could take to cure the infection? I've heard about drinking cranberry juice so I've tried that but nothing different yet. Sorry if this is too much information, Any information would be a big help thankyou!

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    It sounds like a UTI to me I had one not to long ago. They are easy to contract by being sexually active that's how I got mine. Drinking cranberry juice won't cure your UTI, but it will help prevent them in the future. Drink water tons and tons of water to help flush out the bacteria. As for over the counter medication I would try using Azo it's not very expensive. My UTI went away after about four days and I never went to the doctor for it. I have had no problems since.

    Hope I Helped(:

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