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is there a sites to find an artist?

does anyone know of a site that could help me find a artist? the painting is around 50years old and is an original watercolour of what look like trading boats with a faint building in the back ground. the name looks to be pasquale but is hard to make out. my nan had it as a weading present 49 years ago and would like to know more about it but google isnt helping.



yes i copied the wrong thing i think see if this one works.

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    The link is useless, apparently you pasted the proper link someplace that shortened it and then copied the shortened one .... without the rest of the stuff. And the picture is vital. Don't put the {URL= stuff, just highlight the URL, copy and paste.

    Identifying a water color artist from 50 years ago (or more) is likely to be very difficult. He or she may have been strictly local with someone seeing it and giving it for some reason of connection.

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