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Good deck for summoning legal Slifer?

Need some help with building a Slifer deck I currently have 2 decks a strict water deck from Realm of the Sea Emperor, and a deck from Zombie world and a few other cards I've added to improve both of them. Just a few days ago my friend bought me a card pack from the battle pack 2 as a part of a trade and I got the legal reprint of Slifer! I can't really equip him to either of the deck, cause he is so difficult to bring out and keep out. I've figured out that Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat could bring him out in 1 flip. Could someone make me a list that could effectively bring out Slifer early, keep him out, and allow him to maintain a high attack. I know its a lot to ask but i'm getting my butt kicked and it's quite frustrating. I'm up against a very well built yubel deck and a good machine/Obelisk deck. Thanks in advance

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    I know how you feel, I used to run a deck, prior to battle pack 2 release, with all 3 gods, and let me tell you, it's very difficult to successfully summon any of them. Here's some good cards to use.


    Jack, Queen, and King's Knights

    Cost Down

    Ultimate Offering

    Any cards that allow you to summon tokens i.e. photon sanctuary, but keep in mind you can only summon a light monster on that turn you place the tokens, or stray lambs.

    Any cards that allow you to draw more cards i.e. jar of greed, card of sanctity, but keep in mind you have to discard your hand to get it's effect

    Source(s): Previous God Card experience.
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    Gadgets, Frogs, Dragon Rulers, and Stall are decks that can summon Slifer. You could also try making Black Garden with Slifer.

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