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How do I make a move on this girl now that my class has ended?

So my summer school class ended and there was a girl I thought was cute. I didn't talk to her too much but I made her laugh a lot in class. Our teacher made us all exchange numbers so I texted her the day before class ended and she let me know about some hw but put a smiley face in one text. Now I don't see her cuz class ended so should I text her? How would I flirt with her and tell her that I want to hangout or that she's cute? Just what should I do

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    to start off the conversation, text her and ask "so how'd you do on the final?" as an opener. then you guys will talk about it for a little, and then slowly move the conversation on to other things. maybe flirt a bit after. ask her to hang out as well, for sure.

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    Talk to her about something that you both can. And then go in to more conversation. And then when talk turns into flirt you ask her to hangout.

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    I answered this already .___.

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