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Why won't my Amulet coin work in Emerald?

I'm trying to use my amulet coin on my starting Pokemon and every time I try to use it it tells me "Dads advice.....there's a time and place for everything" it's pissing me off because I need the coins!

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    You don't use it on the Pokémon. You GIVE it to them. When you battle a trainer, if the Pokémon holding the amulet coin participates in the battle, you'll get double prize money.

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    The Amulet Coin is an item to be held by a Pokemon. If that Pokemon participates in the battle, the amount if prize money earned will be doubled. If the Pokemon does not participate, but is in the party, you don't get the bonus prize money.

    So give it to a Pokemon that will be in a lot of battles.

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    8 years ago

    It's a hold item, meaning you need to give it to a Party Pokemon. If the Pokemon holding it participates in the battle, you'll get double the money :)

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