What can a convicted felon go to school for?

I'm a 26 year old single mother of two small children. in the year of 2006 before I had either my children I committed a felony (fraudulent use of a stolen credit card.) at this time on my phone and extremely difficult to obtain employment. I really want to go back to school and further my education so that I may be able to make a better life for myself and my children. I wanted to do something in the nursing field but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to because of my past. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on something that I may be able to go to school for.

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    There are programs for felons who wish to pull their life back together and get an education.

    I might suggest going to a community college so that you can pay for school while you work. CC's are usually very cheap, and getting a loan for it's not very difficult.

    Second option is something that I, as a past criminal myself, had to do first, before I went to a university. I attended a gov't funded technical school and got my degree in Pastry Design. I now work P/T at a bakery but now I go to school getting my BS degree in Computer Science.

    Technical schools are a great stepping stone, and many have a tuition repayment plan, which is great for students, like yourself, and myself, who were convicted of a crime and cannot receive Financial Aid.

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    Trade Schools For Felons

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    You are correct - you will not be able to be licensed as a nurse with your felony. You can pretty much rule out anything that requires certain types of licensure and care of vulnerable populations, and also rule out anything that requires handling money, due to the nature of your felony.

    As you already know, a lot of employers aren't going to want to hire you, period. They just won't take that risk. Where I've seen people with felonies do well is either in running their own business, or working in a field that has such high demand for people with X skill, that they'll be willing to overlook your felony, such as computer science. Another option is to find a job with a company that's hired other felons - so for that, you'd need to talk to your resources in this area. You might have success if you try to get a job with a small, local business (a mom and pop) where you know the people there. Generally, small, local businesses where you are known may be more willing to take a risk on you than big chains.

    What I might suggest is that you think about what you're good at, and what you like to do, with the goal of perhaps opening your own business (that does not involve licensure and exposure to vulnerable populations - so not a daycare, for example) in that field. As part of all of this, find out what education is needed to go into those fields, and then take your first steps.

    ETA: the first poster is not correct. You can qualify for financial aid with a felony. Many of my students over the years have been felons with financial aid to help them pay for school. It's only if you had a drug conviction while receiving financial aid that you'd be ineligible.

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    What!? Your case doesn't matter! You have a non-violent felony! You can get it sealed after a few years and it won't be on your record at all. Sealing a felony is just like expunging it cause employers don't see it all in any background checks. In Illinois you can get non-violent felonies sealed right away of your going to school and not have to wait the usual 5 year waiting period that most states tend to have. You can go to school for anything you want except for probably law. You probably won't be able to be a lawyer or cop with a sealed felony, but you can be absolutely anything else at all! A computer programmer, accountant, finance guy, electrical engineer Doctor, graphic/3D designer or whatever.

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    I know for certain you can go to school to get your LCDC. You can be a counselor for prisons and drug rehabs. You can help others come up out of the system. There ARE programs that you can sign up for with the right schooling and still have a criminal back ground. What kind of person who has an addiction wants to go to a counselor whom has no Idea what in the world they have been through. Unlike most reasons people go to counseling.. Addiction counselors NEED to have experience in what they preach at you. Its like a 20 year old kid walking up to you fresh out of bible school telling you he knows everything that bible has to offer. It cant be done. Experience is needed. So don't you ever dare give up on yourself because you made a mistake. While business's may shun you for your mistakes..there are Juvenile Children in need of guidance. and there are Drug rehabs who need Counselors. Also half way houses. also. Safe P units. which are prison rehabs. You just have to look for your Opportunity and rise Mamma. Rise to the top with a career that most of these people answering can only dream of. It starts with you !

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    personal training

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    actually in the state of ohio you can get licensed as a nurse,as long as non violent,no arson and no sex offenses.i have already called the state licensing board. you are on a probationary period of one year where you will be watched very closely and will have to continue your education during that year as well.

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    Entrepreneurship so you can start your own business.

    Talk to a lawyer to see if you will ever be able to have your conviction expunged in your state.

    Check with the state licensing agencies in your state to see if you are eligible for licensing in any profession.

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    This organization provides felons with basic services such as jobs housing education etc. highly recommended.

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    Wow, thankyou! Exactly what I was searching for. I looked for the answers on other websites but I couldn't find them.

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