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Bringing less than a dime of bud into Canada?

I'm actually already half way there. I'm going to Niagara Falls Canada with my family for my 9 year old brothers hockey tournament. I put literally about 3 tiny tiny nugs (much less than even a dime) into a baggy and my bowl with it. I put them in the bottom of my makeup bag which is inside of a ziplock bag, sealed tight. That's inside of my drawstring bag. I have a bunch of other **** in there around it, and it would be very easy to sneak this into anywhere in the US, but I've never been over the border. What are my chances with this? I'll throw it if I have too, it's barely any weed, just need it to sleep at night. Im also in a car with my dad and 16 year old brother, and we are with my step mom and 3 younger siblings under the age of 9. I feel like they wouldn't check us but I'm not sure what to think.

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    Nice, using little kids to sneak pot over the border.

    When it is detected with a dog or a chemical detector, the car will be stripped and your family turned back and black listed. Try telling the kids there will be no more trips to Canada.

    Better own up so only you gets charged.

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    What are your chances of getting across and it not being found? Probably good. If you don't appear nervous, and they have no reason to perform an inspection of the vehicle and occupants, you might get through. Our border guards are human after all, and no one is perfect.

    But here's a couple things to understand about the border crossing.

    First, they do not always pick cars with suspicious occupants to search. Sometimes they pick cars at random. Maybe the guard lets nine cars go through and then picks the tenth one to do an "extended interview" with. Then you have to drive over to a special area, where they ask you to get out, open the trunk, and they can look through your things to make sure you are not smuggling anything in. And they are mainly looking for drugs, guns, and booze. So they know what signs to look for. And they know the likely culprits.

    Second, many of the border crossings are using drug and explosive sniffing dogs or devices. And while you may think you have that bud sealed up tight in a ziplock back and hidden under all sorts of makeup, that dog was trained to get treats for finding things like that, and his nose is like a little amplified sniffer looking for it. He wants that reward, so if he smells anything fishy on your bags, on your clothes, the residue on your skin that rubbed off on the door latch, he will be making his signals to the trainer saying "I found something, where's my cookie?"

    Finally, if they do happen to find it, you will be arrested and deported back to USA with a five-year ban and a criminal record. Your parents may be banned too, and the vehicle can be impounded or siezed if you deny the drugs are yours. They figure it must belong to someone and only you or your parents have access to the car so someone has to pay!

    So if you like the thought of playing a form of "Russian Roulette" with the border guards, go right ahead. I know my parents would likely have me rot in jail at that age because they would be so embarrassed and ashamed that their child was a druggie and that I got the family involved by taking it in the family car.

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    Taking drugs across the border is just dumb. While the police need "probable cause" to search a vehicle, the border guards don't. You might be the 3rd car with a Z in the license plate for that guards shift - good enough. Or, just because he feels like it. That's the law. The penalties? The car will be taken away, you will be charged, and you, and possibly your family will be banned from ever coming to Canada again.

    It's simply not worth it, especially for weed which probably came from Canada in the first place! It's pretty easy to find in Canada.

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    We do not need people like you here. If anyone was to bring drugs in the USA, even in a '' tiny tiny'' amount like you say, we would be locked up and then would have to face a judge and then never be allowed in the USA unless we get a pardon after decades.

    You also risk having child services called on the kids from the border agents. Then they would more than likely get taken away.

    Respect Canada and its laws like Canadians respect yours.

    Canadian law prohibits the unlawful importation or trafficking of controlled substances and narcotics. Smugglers risk substantial fines, a permanent bar from Canada, and imprisonment.

    If you have a hard time sleeping, there are médications, natural remedies, supplements you can take.

    There is a guy from Vancouver who spent three years in jail in the USA for selling ''seeds'' online.

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    When you cross the Canadian border, you won't realize it your vehicle will be scanned by a variety of sensors and devices.

    One of these is a chemical sniffer programmed to detect even the smallest trace amounts of things such as drugs and explosives.

    Anything that pings off a chemical sniffer causes border guards to bring out sniffer dogs and conduct a thorough search of a suspicious vehicle.

    Others devices include millimetre wave scanners and backscatter machines that can literally see through vehicles enabling their operators search for contraband hidden inside vehicles such as firearms and drug paraphernalia.

    You can't hide anything from those types of machines.

    They're the same types of devices that sees right through people's clothing at airports.

    Anything that alerts border guards results in them literally dismantling vehicles (removing the seats, dashboard, and etc) and searching every inch of it until they find what the scanners indicated and until they're sure there's nothing else hidden in the vehicle.

    Passengers will be detained while all this is going on and strip searched by border authorities.

    Taking any amount of an illegal narcotic across an international border is serious crap.

    It'll result in international drug smuggling charges, jail, courts and fines, and you and your siblings being handed over to child welfare authorities, and your family automatically banned from entering Canada for anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

    America's known for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Canada, however, is all about Peace, Order and Good Government.

    And Canadian law is strictly enforced on all foreigners.

    So ditch your drugs before you reach Canada or it's going to be a sh*t storm that will be entirely your fault and everybody in your family will hate you for letting drugs ruin not only your life but their lives too, especially your brother who won't be allowed into Canada for his tournament.

  • knh959
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    If you're caught the consequences would be far more harsh than the tiny amount of bud that you have with you. Your father could have his car impounded, you and the adults could all be arrested, returned to US authorities and barred from ever entering Canada in the future. Leave your pot at home.

  • Randy
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    Pack extra socks and underwear as our jails only issue the uncomfortable stuff. Dogs dont need to sniff it directly, they will indicate on what your hands touched after you tried to hide your tracks.

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