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Can girls become a marine officer?

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    Anyone can become an officer. Usually, officers come straight from colleges, but that isn't the only way. Someone in the enlisted ranks can also apply for a commission. There is Officer Candidate School - which is a nice way of saying basic training for officer recruits. When you graduate OCS, you are officially an officer. Promotion and such is up to you after that.

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    Yes women can become an officer in the Marines as long as they can pass the physical fitness standards and possess a college degree from an accredited College or University in the United States. Women will be able to be officers in a combat positions soon as well.

  • No, but women can. I was a Marine Corps officer and one of my contemporaries was the first woman General in the Marine Corps.

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    She can become a General if she has the political skills and desire.

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    No. We salute Women or females. "Girls" are children with easy bake ovens & Barbie dolls.

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