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When did the 1990s decade start and end?

Obviously it began January 1st 1990 and ended December 31, 1999, BUT when would everyone say the culture of the 90s began and ended? Like 1996 until 2002 or something?


No the 90s started in 1990, or else 1990 is part of the 1980s? Of course there was no year 0 but that's just getting petty.

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    I'd say the 1990s was a decade that, historically, actually fit within its frame. There was a pretty big shift in geopolitics in 1990-91 as the Iron Curtain quickly fell, Germany reunified, and the Soviet Union fell apart. That created a definitive feeling that the new decade was very different from the last days of the Cold War era in 1989-90. And in 1991-92, there was a pretty big shift in popular culture, as youth suddenly and overwhelmingly turned against the pop music tastes that had been dominant as late as 1990 in favor of the new "alternative" sound reflected in grunge, Britpop, industrial, and more hardcore rap music.

    The decade was also pretty firmly ushered out in 2000-01 by a series of events that made the new era feel much different from the 1990s. George W. Bush took over from Bill Clinton and had a palpably different leadership style. The crash of the "dot com" bubble spelled an end to the economic confidence of the 1990s (and has never really recovered, in my view). And, of course, the September 11 attacks shattered the perception of America enjoy perpetual peace and security after the end of the Cold War. Certainly after 9/11/2001, the world felt very different than it had in the 1990s.

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    Since there was no "year 0",

    - decades and centuries start on 1 January of the year ending in "1".

    ... Thus the 20th century started on 1 January 1901 and ended on 31 December 2000;

    and the 1990s decade started on 1 January 1991 and ended on 31 December 2000.

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    Actually it started Jan 1 1991 and ended Dec 31 2000. There was no year 0 it started in the year 1 so a decade is the 10 years starting xxx1 and ending xxx0.

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    Because there was no year 0, the 1990s began on Jan 1st 1991 and ended on Dec 31st 2000.

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    It started on January 1st, 1990 and ended on December 31st, 1999. 2000 isn't part of the 90s.

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    To most of us it was only numerical really, just numbers written down on a piece of paper

    Others may come up 'drift over' decades like the Rock and Roll years etc

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    1991-2001. Why 1991 kicked off the 90s: Smells Like Teen Spirit, End of Cold War, SNES released.

    Why 2001 ended the 90s: George W. Bush is sworn into office, 9/11, Windows XP released.

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    Personally, I would say it started with the dissolution of the USSR IN 1991, and ended with either the 9/11 attacks or the .COM bust.

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