Just wanna die omg..........?

I have depression, im not religious, my muslim family thought i was possesed and they found out i wasnt, theyre trying to make me religious, its not working. They thing im depressed coz im not religious, its not that. On twitter I had a boyfriend called Jonny, it was like we were each other, we had so much in common, we loved eachother, my parents banned me from twitter, he might think im dead bc I said I wud kill myself then i didnt go on twitter. im also a belieber, I love my belieber family and I cant fangirl or connect with Justin through twitter, I cant go on facebook either. Jonnys deactivated his account so my parents have one but I love my belieber family and I still love Jonny, I cant wear what I want, cant go out or anything and im 1, I just feel like giving up, why cant I be my own person?


*im 16

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  • 8 years ago

    Your twitter friend was an "on-line" fantasy. It probably would not have worked

    out for you two even if you had met in person and dated. You need to get over

    this lost person (just like couples that divorce), and move on. To get over being

    depressed, you need to forget computer use (facebook, e-mail, twitter, etc.)

    and go a different direction. Get involved in some sports activity, club activity,

    a reading club, an exercise program, or get a paying job (soda shop, bagging

    groceries, newspaper route) so your mind is turned to something new. That's

    how you'll get over it, otherwise you'll stay in the mullygrubs and be unhappy,

    or you might get to your goal (death). One unmet boyfriend is not worth ruining

    your life for. Take my word for it. Good Luck.

  • Hi T
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    8 years ago

    God loves you and He has a purpose for your life. May be in a short time, or just a few years you could find some one you love and have a family of your own with.


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