Im a marine corp poole and i just recieved the mos i wanted. (infantry) but my recruiter said ill be serving?

Two of my four years in security forces. is this a high honor as he said it was? im curious and was looking for some input. He said id still go to the school of infantry and other schools.

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    8 years ago
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    It's a pretty high class MOS but, not necessarily a glamorous one. I'll start you out at their website:

    There are two types of MCSF. One is a highly trained guard who spends their time guarding nuclear weapons, nuclear powered naval vessels, and strategic weapons,,, boring. The good thing is you get a lot more training than an 0311. You'll have more martial arts training and CQB (Close Quarters Battle) training. You may never use it.

    The other one is a FAST or Fleet Anti- terrorism Security Team. You get the same training as the guards plus more martial arts, rappelling and fast roping from helos and such. You will be deployed a LOT aboard ships. One of the major responsibilities is embassy security. They back up the embassy guards and are called in when it gets hot at an embassy. After Benghazi, more FAST teams were air lifted to Spain on C-130's and MV-22's. With the Egyptian crisis, some of the FAST Marines in Spain were moved to Italy to be closer to the crisis in Egypt.

    This is what the Marine Corps is all about, providing security and responding to crises around the world. The little wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are sideshows for Marines.

    In MCSF you will get all the infantry training plus the more specialized training. After your two years in MCSF you will be assigned to infantry to finish your enlistment. Infantry Marines will exhibit some jealousy, just as you see Army soldiers exhibiting jealousy of Marines on this website. You will be there to spread your training and expertise. You will have an extra 100 points on your cutting score for promotion. This will cause some tension but, you are the one who is better trained and has the extra points for promotion.

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    do no longer you adore the idiots that are available in right here and scream Marines are Elite, like they have a clue. lol Marines are easy infantry, no greater advantageous or worse than military easy infantry. particular there boot camp is a splash longer, it extremely is so as that they might artwork on amphibious skills that the army does not even do, however after easy you could bypass to airborne college interior the army, so it style of evens out fairly, however the Marines do no longer choose you to nicely known that lol. you won't be in a position to base a determination like which branch is larger based off of only boot camp. boot is seen easy preparation for a reason, they tutor you easy skills. however they're going to never admit that. Any branch will take you places and all have an "Elite" team of a few style. i could only be advantageous and truthful with the guy and tell him which you savor each and all the time he has worked with you yet you're thinking abother branch. there is no longer something incorrect with that. And Ghost, you're an fool, Rangers are alot greater Elite than a Marine that only made it out of boot. They bypass with the aid of boot, BWT (easy warrior preparation), Airborne college, and Ranger college it extremely is for 3 months. all in all it takes style of 6 months to get with the aid of all of those faculties and preparation, So evaluating 6 months of coaching to 3 months of boot camp is only dumb. military additionally has eco-friendly Berets, and in case you do no longer make particular forces in step with say you could bypass Airborne and leap out of a airplane. :) it extremely is often relaxing. there is no longer something incorrect with the Marines and that i do no longer propose to bash, i only lose interest of dumb people who've never been in a branch answer questions a pair of military and Marine middle they have never been aside of. It does not make experience.

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    Yea, it's basically infantry your going to be going to the same schools its just your gonna have to wait two years to get switched over to infantry.

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