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Degree in Psychology?

Who has a B.A degree in Psychology? I would like to know what you did with yours, and what sort of doors it opened up.

I am a junior, studying the field, and I just want to see what other people with the same degree did as their career.

I would like to do something like academic advising, some sort of human resources job, or even work in student affairs at college or high school level.

My backup plan would be either a social studies teacher or a math teacher (I am pursuing a math minor as well).

I am well aware that I cannot be a psychologist :) I really have no interest in being a psychologist, etc. I just feel psychology is a broad and great liberal arts education.

Thanks for any feedback!

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  • susan
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    8 years ago

    There isn't much you can do without a Master's or Ph.d. You can't teach without a teaching degree. A BA in psychology is like any other liberal arts BA. It really doesn't do much now days. Consider going 2 more years and get a Master's in Social Work, Counseling or Psychology.

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