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what's so great about being a beautiful women, other than being labeled as a sex symbol and/or men-want-me?

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    job oppurtunities skyrocket because of managers who are typically men always hire them. i know i would, if she was qualified.

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    Not all beautiful women are seen as sex symbols.

    Being beautiful doesn't make you sexy. Sexy comes from within. Which is exactly why there are so many women, even in hollywood, with plain faces, who are considered very sexy, while there are women with more beautiful faces who aren't.

    And beauty does give one more opportunities.

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    There are different types of feminine beauty besides the sex-pot type. My grandmother was fairly attractive in her twenties, but her natural kindness, intelligence, and interest in other people made her radiantly beautiful as she got older.

    Are you "officially beautiful" and having trouble with unwanted male attention? You could work with an image consultant about your wardrobe, hair style, and makeup to transform your type into one which will attract the kind of people you'd like to know.

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