Sleeping with my professor?

I am in a college which discourages but doesn't ban student-professor relationships. I am 21. I plan on pursuing an obvious attraction between me and my professor AFTER the class is over. what's the next step in the seduction, and how do I get him alone once the class is over?

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    8 years ago
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    wow, not recommended. He is probably a horn dog and teaching and having sex with students his extra ciricular activity. In other words , it won't take much encouragement or I'm available, since he is already probably anticipating it from you anyway.

    What a waste. It is considered an abuse of power and therefore a form of sexual abuse in most states.

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  • 8 years ago

    Someone in a position of power such as him will pursue you if you get alone with him. I don't think you will have to try very hard. But it seems ethically questionable and creepy. Hope the guy isn't married. Communicate via email perhaps or just stay after class and ask you can have some personal time to go over study or something and go on from there. Do you really wanna be "that" girl and have that rep? Think it through.

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