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The ultimate no-ID stumper?

I am trying to help a teenager who has NO ID at all. His mother is dead and his father abandoned him a year ago. He knows their names but not where they were born. His mother was undocumented. He was born at home to hippie parents who were off the grid. He has no ID for either parent. He was home-schooled. He does remember being hospitalized for asthma and receiving vaccinations but neither records can be obtained without him having ID to GET those records. The state found no birth certificate in the county he believes he was born in (and I spent money and got NOTHING requesting searches in other nearby counties) If anyone can help, would be greatly appreciated. This young man did take a school aptitude test and tested college grad level in several areas. He doesn't smoke or drink, loves nature and animals and is musically and artistically inclined and could make a positive change in this world if only he gets a chance. He is currently homeless.

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    the Social Security Administration

    your US Representative

    your STATE Representative and STATE Senator

    an attorney

    google "how to obtain a birth certificate in _____ "

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    I believe a court can order for a new ID to be made with the best information available, and just estimate the rest.

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