How to install a fuel injected motor?

I have a wreaked 99 trans am with an ls1 and I was wondering how hard it is and how much it would cost for me to put it in my 68 chevelle and for it to work with fuel injection

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  • Yeshua
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    8 years ago

    If you have the complete vehicle it should be easy. Just swap out the engine and transmission along with the ECU and hook it in the 68 Chevelle. Make sure to have schematics and a Service Manual for the 99 Trans Am. Don't forget the fuel pump and the gas lines. It will take some work, but in the end that LS1 is worth it!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    well you need the whole system and computer and everything .. if its all working from the wreck it will just take alot of elbow grease, you should have everything you need .. only issues i can think of are mounting wiring neatly will take some thought, if you can use the manifolds and tranny that are on the injected motor you wont have a problem with sensors, you may need a different exaust hookup depending .. and if you use the od tranny which i would, its probably longer than the old th350 or whatever is in the chevelle .. you might have to take the drive shaft to a machine shop and have it shortened a bit ..not a big deal, just be sure you measure everything good ..

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Go for it! You have the injected car with the ECU and fuel-pump, you may need to install a 'swirl-pot*' to feed the high-pressure pump (tuck it under the floorpan, with braided stainless lines to it) and you will need to fit a return-line to the fuel-tank - not ALL the fuel thrown at the fuel-rail gets injected, by any means!

    Fit a dead-switch in the live feed to the high-pressure pump, and you will have a great hidden anti-theft device - the car will crank but not start with the pump dead.

    *the outlet on your fuel tank may not be wide enough to flow the fuel needed for the pump to really work - a small 'swirl-pot' will have a wider-bore outlet - it will be effectively a mini-tank which the main pump will never empty. Fit a metal fine-mesh filter between the tank and the swirl-pot, for peace of mind.

  • It can be done but it will not be cheap.the engine is part of it. The computer is another. The fuel pump is another also and that is just a start. The trans could be an issue.

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