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Elite Guard Training or Prolific Shooting with Ball Handling Mastery?

Hey, I got a general question for anyone that's familiar with Taylor Allan and his programs. I have Prolific Shooting and Ball Handling Mastery in my possession. For the past couple of months, I've been hearing about his new program Elite Guard Training and I was wondering about how it differs from PSP and BHM. Personally, I feel like the drills are the same and that I could get the same results by doing both PSP and BHM as opposed to EGT. If this is true, I could save my money and invest it in other training programs. For anyone with these three programs, can you verify or correct my assumption? Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give your opinion on EGT and whether or not you would recommend it. Thank you in advance.

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    They're similar in ways EGT is just more well rounded. It has defense conditioning finishing etc.

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