What does liver pain feel like..?

I need specifics as I've had this nagging pain for over two years right below my right rib area its a dull persistent pain which never goes away..The more i probe at it the more it hurts. your opinions and medical assessment is required. Is it liver pain.

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    You need a medical doctor to physically examine your pain to pinpoint exactly where it is at and what hurts where he/she presses and the amount of pain with pressure. No doctor or anyone else can do this over the internet. Even then, many doctors still cannot diagnose on simply a physical examination and may need other testing done to come up with a correct diagnosis. I will give you food for thought though that the liver rarely ever causes pain to people since it hardly has any nerve endings. I had end stage liver failure (cirrhosis) and had to get a liver transplant. My liver never caused me any pain the entire time.

    Source(s): nurse and liver transplant recpient
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