For American/English people..?

Hi, I'm Spanish and I'm studying English, I've a question..

Whats does the expression "in turn" means (with your own words)? And how do you use it? Can you put some examples?


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    8 years ago
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    in turn can mean "on the other hand, as an alternative," Or it can mean "as a result of (because of) a previous action.

    Bobby likes lemons. Jean, in turn, likes limes. Maybe together they can make a fruit salad.

    I wrote a love letter for my friend to send to his crush. He, in turn, removed all of the sexy stuff from the letter and just sent a safer version of it.

    hope this helps

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    8 years ago

    In turn means either doing 1 thing at a time or people doing something one at a time.

    Example. The children took it in turns to use the swing.

    I wore my red dress one day and my green the next day in turn.

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