Is there a way i can use a camera with a tv output and use it with a mic as a input?

I'm trying to get a camera so I can record my pranks, can you please tell me if there is?

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    8 years ago
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    No. AV-out = AV-out. No mic jack = no external mic connectiviety.

    You have a choice:

    1) Replace the existing camera with one that has a mic jack for external mic use,


    2) use an external audio recording device. When you edit the video in a computer, you need to import the video to a video editor. Import the audio from the audio recorder, too. Sync the audio with the video (and mute the audio that was captured by the camcorder). I like the Zoom H1, H2, H2n and H4n. There are many other brands and models.

    The Canon HF R series camcorders have a mic jack for external mic connection. So does the Hero GoPro. You'll probably want a wireless mic... and they get expensive. I like the G3 Evolution with portable base station...

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