Period wont come help! Serious answers?

I had unprotected sex a month ago drank the pill three hours later he never came in me , i took a pregnancy test when my period was 3 days late and it came out negative and now its 7 days late , and im getting this lower abdominal pain, like menstrual pains that last a while then go, but my period doesnt come ,also i checked my cervix and its low , hard and open . So what can this be ?? and i havent had symptoms o pregnancy just a little bback pain once in a. While only when im sitting down.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Morning after pills can mess with your cycle and give you stronger pms symptoms which are a lot like early pregnancy symptoms. If you took a test after being three days late, I doubt you are pregnant, since most tests are able to detect pregnancy a week before you are even considered late. My advice is just relax, stress can also cause you to have a late period or skip it all together. You took the pill within hours you should be fine.

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    8 years ago

    Could possibly take another pregnancy test if you just want to double check; but it sounds like PMS symptoms and that your period is coming soon.

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