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My friend is telling me what to do and I dont like it! What do I do?

Every single day she texts me "write something on my facebook status ". I dont want to. Should I ignore her? What do I do?

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    Is she that "needy" for someone to write on her Facebook that she has to text people to put something on her wall?

    Don't be doing stuff you don't want to do. Do what YOU want.

    Personally, I'd write on her wall...."Here you go, you texted me to write on your wall...just like you do every single day....." or take a pic of the text, then add it to your wall asking if any of your other friends gets these texts every day....

    You may lose her as a friend though....oops!

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    This is the easiest question you have ever ask, Christinaa, just say no, I have other plans so excuse me. Real friends just touch base with each other and go there separate ways if they can not agree on some thing to do together. Have fun now you can free up some time.

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    i know how you feel , i suggest that you talk to her about it because otherwise it will start to really get on your nerves. maybe just tell her that you don't like constantly updating her Facebook statuses or something along those lines, im not really sure what else you could do but hopefully this helped a bit :)

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    Just tell her you don't want to. If you keep doing it she is going to expect you to do it all the time.

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