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how to be a basketball player even tho im short?

I want to play in the nba one day. its a dream. but so many people think i cant make it because im short. I know nate robinson is a short player and is good but yea, i have no hops a decent jumper, good handles. but i cant seem to get tio the rim without being blocked

anyway here are the questios.

1. how to become a good basketball player even to im short.

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    Good question though, a big dream yet to achieve. You should practice a lot. Height doesn't matter in the NBA as long as you put your heart and soul, determination is a key in this league.

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    Focus a ton of your energy into developing the following to aspects of your game: Shooting & Ball Handling. Every team needs a shooter and point guards don't need to be tall to be effective. Turn your decent jumper into a deadly jumper. I have developed 2 Free Videos that are designed to help aspiring players develop a killer jump shot. The link to the videos is below. (You'll have to opt-in to my newsletter to receive the link but they are totally free) There are players in the NBA that fit your description so don't ever let height be an excuse! See JJ Barea! Good luck out there and I hope you reach your goals!

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    Work on handles. Be really good at dribbling. Be a smart player and work on shooting but not from the 3 point line. When you got all that down you can start threes. Keep practicing and you maybe able to go to the NBA.

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    you don't have to be an explosive short player. you can be like rondo; 6'0'', and a great passer and stealer. isiah thomas; 5'9'', like nate, but he's more of a shooter. he can dunk, but yeah. just work on your passing, handles, and shot. if you want to be a good scorer, your best bet is to train that three pointer and mid range. if you want to take it the hard way and get max results, practice driving in with contact and pressure. when you go for a layup, make sure you have max protection on the ball. cradle it, hug it, do anything to make sure it won't get stripped in the narrow lane.

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    Be that stressful little defender the element continually has on him. Get interior the offenses face and tutor them that your no longer afraid to be aggressive and choose the ball. Basketball is 20% actual and 80% heart. you ought to artwork stressful to grow to be an incredible participant and comprehend your teammates strengths and weak spot'. study to call for the ball and fairly of run fake the defender out and shoot, yet confirm to bounce for the reason which you reported you have been short.

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    You have to be a quick and have an AMAZING skill. You can't be good, very good or even great at that skill, you have to be one of the best in the world. Like passing or shooting

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    Move to China and play in the Chinese league.

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