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Girlfriend is making me mad & jealous, what do I do?

For some reason she enjoys me being jealous

She is Latina & she has draws a lot of attention from black men probably because her features (Big Butt, nice hair, bright smile). It makes me so angry.

I'm already a loving BF to her. I do stuff for her most boyfriends don't do for their GFs. What do I tell her? I'm hurt.

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    Let her go Bro!. Do not fall for her. If she is doing this in front of you she will be a lot more when you're not there. Enjoy it till it lasts. Im sorry but Girls like these are not marriage material and if you're just dating for the hell of it then enjoy it who cares.

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    I don't know why people make each other jealous in relationship but remember that she is with you. You have to trust her that she won't do anything. I know you don't like people looking at your girl but if you act defensive it will show that you are insecure. You have to know that you are just as good as her and that you trust her. If it still bothers you than talk to het about it

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    i always say its not a good way to do the same thing to ur gf but if she really doesnt care make her jelous...

  • 8 years ago

    you make that b*tch jealous

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