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What kinda makeup should I wear in highschool?

I want a pretty look, and to give a good impression. So give examples of good products and types of make up to wear.. And recomended clothes(: thank you

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    I am entering my sophomore year in HS. I also do part time modeling so I know a lot about makeup and fashion :) I wear:

    Mascara (I use Maybelline: The Falsies)

    Concealer (I wear MAC, but you can use just about any brand)

    Blush (I wear Rimmel Pink Sorbet)

    Lipstick (NYX Baby Pink)

    Eyeliner (Avon Supershock Eyeliner in Black)

    It looks natural and will give a nice impression. You can add or take away from this look. I also wear nail polish a lot, go for pinks, reds, and french manis. I also like to wear bright colors or do nail art sometimes.

    For clothes:

    Bottoms: Skinny jeans (if that's your body type), or any jeans in general, just not baggy. Yoga pants, shorts, leggings and jeggings also work

    Tops: A few cute blouses, some tanks, and sweaters, also tee shirts.

    Shoes: Get 1 pair athletic, 1 pair flats, 1 pair heels, 1 pair Converse/Vans, 1 pair sandals :)

    Also, get some bracelets and some necklaces. Also get a belt, and a cute bag, and some sunglasses.

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    Simple Makeup Look: tinted moisturizer or BB cream; definitely fill in your eyebrows; curl your eyelashes, then you could opt to wear mascara; light pink lipstick or a clear, shimmery gloss.

    Products: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream; Rimmel's Brow Filler pencil; Revlon Lash Curler; Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara; any clear gloss.

    Clothes: Anything casual and comfy. Forever21 has a bunch of different leggings to choose from (they have cool patterns as well), Cotton On have soft basics, Target has everything!

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    For makeup, I would suggest a natural look. Like maybe black eyeliner and mascara on your top eyelashes and nothing on the bottom lashes, because that will make your top lashes look extra long. Some days if you want to spice it up, you can do a smokey eye with mascara. Whatever kind of eyeliner you buy, make sure it's waterproof!! That's because if it's not waterproof, it will smear across your eyelid whenever you blink. On the other hand, never buy waterproof mascara. I personally find it quite difficult to wash off every night, even with makeup remover. Plus, unlike eyeliner, mascara usually stays on pretty well. Unless you go to a waterpark, or you tend to cry everyday. Okay, one more tip for your eyes: If you do decide to try a smokey eye, don't use black eye shadow. For your age, that and other really dark eye shadows will look really harsh, especially if you aren't use to doing a smokey eye in the first place. Also, if you do wear a smokey eye make sure to keep everything else natural, especially your lips. For eyeliner, I use L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Waterproof eyeliner in Black/Noir 800. For mascara, I stay far away from Cover Girl mascaras, because they tend to dry out easily and they don't go on well. I love Rimmel London Mascaras, especially the Super Flex Formula. If you really love to wear eye shadow, then I suggest that you invest in a Naked eye shadow pallet by Urban Decay. There are great colors for both a natural and a smokey look, but these pallets are pricey ($50 from Ulta) or you could buy the smaller pallet which is called Naked Basics (also from Ulta for $27.00). Also, anytime you're gonna wear mascara you always, always curl your lashes with an eyelash curler beforehand.

    As for foundation, you need to find a color that is closest to your skin. In fact, if you're just starting to wear makeup I would stay away from thick foundations and use a good BB cream instead, and then use a light powder or finishing veil on top. Bare minerals has really great powders and a nice finishing veil. For a BB cream, I use Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream and it is absolutely amazing! To apply your foundation, you could always use your fingers but I recommend buying a super blender sponge and these sponges are usually in the shape of an egg and can be found almost anywhere. Also, if you're stuck between two shades, always pick the lighter shade!

    With blush, less is always more!! I cannot stress this enough! Trust me, blush is very noticeable even with very little on. Any brand will do, but if you're new to makeup stay away from crème blush, because it's hard to apply without making yourself look like a clown. Also, if you have lighter/fair skin, a light pink or peach shade is best. Or a coral color for darker skin tones. And a bronzer tends to look best on olive/medium skin tones.

    To find this makeup, you can look in Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. But as for the Bare Minerals, Urban Decay, and Too Faced brands, you can find these at Ulta or you can order onlne at You can find them at Sephora too, but I'm just partial to Ulta.

    Just remember to never wear too much makeup, because you'll just look cheap and easy. And I'm sorry if I went into way too much detail. I just wasn't sure how much you know about makeup! Also please don't over pluck your eyebrows and then draw them in! Just leave them alone. If you absolutely need them groomed, then go get them threaded not waxed. Waxing tends to irritate many people's skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

    As for clothing, American Eagle and Forever 21 have great stuff that won't break your budget! You also want to make sure your closet has variety! Jeans are great, but make sure to have a few dresses and nice cardigans on hand. Having a variety of shoes is very helpful too. Hope this post helped you some!!

    Source(s): Years of searching for the best makeup brands, and!
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