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Help! Baby fell off bed but seems okay?

My baby slipped off the bed under my sisters care, he is one month old and when I saw him he was face first onto my purse but he didnt make a noise while falling, I picked him up and he started crying I rubbed his head alittle and gave him his pacifier and he stopped crying and went to sleep he seems okay though like if he isnt in pain, I tried rubbing his head to see where it hurt him and he seems fine just a small scratch.on his eyebrow, does this mean hes okay?

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    you must go to the child care hospital and checkup his body if anything wrong take necessary action because the child baby was very soft inner parts too so take care your baby

    Source(s): I was fell down if I am a small boy my backbone was damaged but now I got the pain when I took hard work so pls take care
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    he is only a month old, his scull has not developed properly yet. His scull is still soft and there could certainly have been damage.

    Just because he did not cry, does not mean there is nothing wrong or that he is not in pain.

    You should take him to the emergency room right away. If he does not have permanent damage, he could still have a concusion and needs to be monitored. Bleeding on the brain won't hurt immediatly, it'll start to hurt when the swelling causes too much pressure on the brain. And that can take hours or even days before he starts hurting. And by that time it would be too late and you could loose your son to death or he could have permanent brain damage.

    Get him to the ER NOW!!

  • My question is why was a baby on a bed unattended? A one month old doesn't roll. That was very dangerous and I hope you have learned your lesson on letting someone allow your baby to fall off a bed! The baby is fine this time but what about next time? Brain damage is a possibility if they hit their head on something hard or worse death! Please keep your baby safe from dumb people!

    Source(s): Mother of three!
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