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We have to write about love for english, does this sound ok?


I hate that word. Hate looking at it, hate saying it. That’s probably because it doesn’t look right in my handwriting, sounds awful in my accent. I love words, but hate that there is a word for love. Was it Oscar Wilde that said ‘To define is to limit’? But then perhaps it is better limited, defined and documented. I have not known it. Only circled it and squinted at it, spread my fingers out on its cold windows.

I don’t want it to be four letters. I want it to be more than anything else and just enough at the same time. Not roses and candles and Facebook statuses that say ‘3 months ♥’. No, a half-smiling barefoot-wiggling mixture of big shirts, unbrushed hair, forests, fields, postcards and that companionable silence when you don’t need to talk because you know. The first sentences that set the scene and establish the characters that might mean everything or nothing in time. As many concentrated drops of soul as we dare to allow into our first pleasantry-diluted small-talk.

god this is full of hyphens! Sorry about that XD

I need to do more, just wondering what you thought. thanks for your time~

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    Wow! You started out excellent but lost me around "As many concentrated drops of soul....., basically the last sentence. I just couldn't follow. Other that that, it's tremendous! Keep going! : )

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