How to open up downloaded source code?

I have Eclipse for writing Java but now that I'm moving on to bigger projects, I'm looking into other people's code first to get ideas. The "Bomberman" game that I am trying to access has tons and tons of .class and .java files, and I am able to play the game from a .bat included in the download, but how can I open the actual code in Eclipse to see it? I tried with little hope to just drop the downloaded folder in my workspace folder but that didn't work. Any advice?

For the record, I've not done any work myself with more than 1 single class (the "main" class), which is why I'm looking into other code for guidance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Import the main directory of the project into your workspace. From there you can open the source files like any other file. Also, you could open the source files in a text editor if you wanted to.

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