Does this sound like a good description for a dorm room?

The character in my story has just walked into her dorm room and this is what she saw :

The room had two twin sized beds against the back wall, parallel to each other. a large window behind them gave a great view of campus even though it was a cloudy day. The beds had enough distance between them for the two nightstands that were already sitting there. At the bottom of the beds were two desks with chairs that looked soft and comfy. On either side of the door was a closet. I twisted the shingin knob and opended the closte. A short dresser was seated at the bottom of the closet, and I guessed it wa sin the othe rone too. Atop the door, a flat screen t.v was mounted to the wall.

I bought so many decorations, and I just couldn't wait ot make the room my own.

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  • 8 years ago
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    To keep from being repetitive when talking about the closet since you have steady mentioned that what it was you can say "I twisted the shining knob to look inside.

    Source(s): I love to write stories and have taken a Creative Writing class.
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