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Is 28g bra size too big for a 13 year old?

I'm 13 and my boobs are a 28g last year I was a 34d but then all of a sudden my boobs grew a lot and now I have to specially order my bras cause they don't carry 28g's cause its an unusual bra size... is that cause they are big??

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    28G is not an unusual size. It's actually the lingerie industry's fault for not carrying enough sizes. The US and Canadian stores always perpetuate the myth that D cups are "huge" and if you're above DDD you must be abnormal. It's so completely wrong.

    For someone of your size, I suggest UK brands. They actually understand how bra sizes work and many brands specifically start at D and go to K. They don't consider 28G to be an unusual size at all. Go to and They start at 28 bands and go from D-K. Go use this guide to get your UK size if you don't know it already:

    Don't worry, you're a perfectly normal size.

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