Youtube videos save to my computer with half of the top screen black.?

I've been trying to save youtube videos on windows movie maker, but they always publish with half the top screen black. I tried using a different program, youtube movie maker and I still got the same results.

The stranger part is that I saved a youtube video on windows movie maker that I has previously saved successfully, without the black screen, and even now that video saved with the black screen. so this is making me think, it's not the youtube videos, but maybe there is something wrong with my computer because it never did this before and now its doing it to newly saved videos of videos I had previously saved successfully.

The videos are in wmv format and I always use that format and it has always worked for me in the past. What's also weird is that sometimes videos will come out fine. For example, I saved an individual youtube video and no black bar. Then I tried another and no matter which format, how many times, or which program I used, the black bar would always show.

Is it a virus? I ran the scanner and it didn't bring up anything.

3 Answers

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