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Opinion: I am painting my room and do not know what to paint it!?

My comforter and accessories in my room follow a blue green and brown color scheme. I am either going to paint my room a light blue or a beige. I am 16 and I like both colors but do not know which one better

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    Beige after a while becomes a really old, and dull color, my suggestion for a long term is to go with a blue-purple sort of shade of color. For your age it would be appropriate, and it is a relaxing color. So you could easily relax in a surrounding with this shade. Beige just isn't good for bedrooms at all, it feels like an impersonal color, its not home-warming... if you know what I mean.

    This is the shade I recommend:

    Sorry it's the best I could find to show the color :S

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