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question about the song under pressure?

so i know david bowie and freddy mercury both sang it together, but then why do a lot of ppl still think queen sang it. i know freddy mercury is from queen, but its like you forgot about david bowie!

so my question is why do ppl think queen sang it?

was there ever a version of the song that didnt have david bowie in it?



but the recorded version of the song (like when u buy the song from iTunes) has both david bowie and freddy mercury in it, right?

Update 2:

or is there a recorded version only by queen?

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    It shows up on Queen's greatest hits album for one, and for two, the version I have on iTunes says "Queen with David Bowie" not "Freddie Mercury with David Bowie"

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    Under Pressure was a single by Queen and David Bowie. Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen so he and David Bowie (another singer) did the singing. It wasn't a solo record by Bowie and Mercury though (I guess two people couldn't be solo anyway, but you know what I mean).

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    It's a Queen song that just wasn't coming together in the studio until David Bowie arrived to help them with another song. They ended up canning his vocals on the other song (because he wasn't satisfied with it), and he started working with them on Under Pressure.

    There is so much of both Queen (Mercury and Deacon, particularly) and Bowie in the song that all 5 have the songwriting credit. The vocals really are a mashup of Mercury's and Bowie's ideas.

    Queen played the song extensively on tour, with Roger Taylor sung Bowie's parts. Bowie himself never performed the song live until after Mercury's death, most famously with Annie Lennox.

    You can see live performances without Bowie in the Queen films We Will Rock You, and also in Queen Rock Montreal. You can also hear Queen perform the song without Bowie on the DVDs Queen On Fire - Live At The Bowl, and on Live At Wembley Stadium. The Bowie/Lennox version is on the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert DVD.

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