How's the food at Basic training?

68w here leaving july 29 to benning then samhoustan.

How's the food like in basic? breakfast lunch and dinner?

How many calories do we eat on a daily basis? Can we lift at basic? Is there a commissary where we can buy our supplements?

Also, a little off topic, but where would be the best place to rub one off in basic? and can people send us nudes through mail time?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You get good food, don't even worry about that. Some days you won't get alot of food, but it usually always tastes good. Then again, I'm not a picky eater.

    You can chose, they have the calories labeled on every food source. Do math yourself kinda thing.

    Supplements? Seriously? Hell no, you ain't taking that in basic. You can't lift either, brah.

    We transformed one of the empty wall lockers into a place we called the "masturbation station." You ca try, some people got away with nudes, but most of the time the drill sergeants will catch it. Best option is to stick the nudes up your *** before leaving meps. Take em out once you leave reception.

    Source(s): went to basic in 2012
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    8 years ago

    The best place to resolve your inner conflicts is in your sack at night with a boot sock wrapped around the object of your desire. Then it goes into your laundry sack for recycling.

    PS, don't forget to rotate your socks just like you do for your two pairs of boots.

    Source(s): heard about guys who submitted to their base instincts.
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