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What is a good side for chicken?

My mom birthday is tomorrow, but since she has a busy day I want to cook tonight. So far I have chicken, but I want a really good side and vegetable. My mom is amazing and I want this to be almost perfect. She has done so much for me and my 2 sisters. I just wanna make this special. Please help! And i'm looking for ways to make the chicken special as well. I'm a really good cook, so I can handle harder things as well. Please help!

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    Terrific idea!!! Here are some of my favorite chicken meals:

    Grilled chicken (marinate overnight in Italian Dressing)

    Mashed Potatos

    Fresh Asparagus with lemon butter

    Fruit Salad

    Oven fried chicken (marinate in buttermilk and hot sauce overnight, drain, roll in bread crumbs mixed with parmesan, place in baking dish, drizzle in melted butter and bake until golden, crispy, and juices run clear)

    Baked Potato Casserole

    Fresh green beans

    Sliced tomatos with a splash of red wine vinegar

    Roasted herb chicken

    Wild rice pilaf

    Asparagus or sauteed brussel sprouts with bacon

    Chicken Tortilla Soup

    Chopped salad with tomatos, beans, cucumbers, Spicy Ranch Dressing

    Tostitos Lime Chips, salsa, guacamole

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    tamara, for the side , 2 extra large baked potato's wrapped with piece of bacon, then wrapped foil.2nd side nice fresh salad, maybe add some nuts or some crumbled or shaved cheese!use what you have on hand! now for the chicken, take a 12 or 16 ounce can of soda, in the sink open it and poor out 1 inch of liquid, I use ginger ale, but any can of soda will the can add poultry seasoning, do this in the kitchen sink! take the chicken and put the chicken over the can,so that the can is a stand for the chicken! rub olive oil and poultry seasoning over chicken, put chicken upright on baking dish or pan into a preheated 325 degree oven. the chicken is done when you grab the chickens leg and it shakes easily. 3 pound chicken about 90 minutes, when you check the chicken if skin starting to burn , cover chicken in aluminum foil loosely.carefully remove chicken and place pan in sink, and lift chicken off can.donot burn yourself use kitchen gloves! the potato, should cook with the chicken and be careful removing foil! serve chicken whole, the soda will keep it moist and cut potao in 1/2 around chicken on same plate and salad on the side.

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    instant barley is a great alternative side dish which compliments chicken add chicken broth some fine chopped celery,garlic,onion,carrots and green beans add some cumin,salt and black pepper.Remember taste and taste again for rich flavor add a touch of extra virgin olive oil, very little at end.


    Why almost perfect??

    I think that is awesome that you want to cook mom a special dinner.

  • Make chicken alfredo. Use linguine and make the sauce, although you can buy powderedor jared sauce. Add in some broccoli, a garden salad and french bread.

    Or bake it with BBQ sauce and serve baked sweet potatoes, and broccoli.

    Or make a nice chicken noodle soup with crusty bread and a nice garden salad.

    Very nice of you to do this.

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    you can take the chicken, put it in a oven bag, add rice, ginger and apples and apple juice for the liquid and bake it the the chicken is fully cooked and the apples are tender. it tastes very good. i usualy use hard apple cider for the liquid because the flavor is very good with it but apple juice works just the same. you can use what ever kind of rice. i wouldn't suggest using minute rice because it comes out soggy. for the vegatable, potatoes go good with chicken. so do carrots.

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    Roasted herb and garlic red potatoes and fresh asparagus or green beans, stir fried to tender crisp with garlic, salt and pepper

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    Usually a wing is beside a chickens torso.

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    Pasta Alfredo :] Just delicious

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