How to I clean my stove top?

So I am almost terrified of germs you could say. I can't stand filth, I will literally bathe in lysol when I touch something grimey and I have a huge problem cleaning my stove top. Whenever I try to scrub my grimey stove top, smoke rises up (I'm assuming my pilot light is high) so I can't really clean it because it's lukewarm to the touch without my scrubbing it when I do scrub it gets quite warm and then smoke evolves. How can I clean it without getting so much smoke? If I have to turn off the pilot light, how do I do so and how to a relight it? Is there a product I can use so that I can let it sit on my stove and then have an easier time wiping it up after a few hours and I don't have to scrub?

Thank you! Any help is appreciated!

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  • 8 years ago
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    I have used Easy-Off oven cleaner on my stove top. It doesn't matter if your stove top is warm or even hot. Just spray thi on, let it sit about an hour, then wipe it clean. Whatever you do...Do Not just shut off the pilot.Gas will come out and fill the room which could kill you. If you ever have to do that, you need to shut the gas off (the shut-off is usually behind the stove) but I recommend someone who knows what their doing, to do it. Easy-Off works the Best!

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    8 years ago

    How about clean up every time you cook. If you spill then wipe it up with hot soapy water right away. The whole cook top probably comes right off your stove and you can put it in the bath tub and scrub with what ever nasty chemical suits your purpose. If you are a germophobe you do not even want to know about what is stuck to the under side of the cook top and around the burners underneath it. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    yes, there are a number of different stove top cleaning products. Go to your local walmart or home depot and ask one of the associates to help you.

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