Elfen lied, higurashi, and Hellsing?

Which is your favorite?

They all have badass.

I am looking for the best.


Positives: Kept me gripped and the characters are too AWESOME!

Negatives: Who wants to watch the same thing every 5 episodes?

Elfen lied:

Positives: Heart-pounding love story (AND LUCY IS BADASS AND SEXY!)

Negatives: Too many Naked 8 year olds. -_-


Positives: Alucard and seras. Nuff said.

Negatives: Too many implied perversion moments. And also, too much cursing. (I am okay with it but Hellsing USES TOO MUCH! MORE THAN BANDO!)

So what is your fav?

I like them all the same really.

But If i were to choose, elfen lied (Watched it first).


"Hellsing Ultimate is much better than Hellsing IMO

and better out the 3

& Im currently watching Higurashi

Elfen lied was good but I did not like most of the characters"

Well....Here are the characters I hate from elfen lied:

Mayu's step dad


Professor Kakuzawa

That's Kind of it.

Everyone else I liked.


The dude with the piercings

His brother

Bonnie and clyde

Vampire dude at the beginning



The cop with the sh_tty voice in arc 3.

Sometimes Mion.

That's it.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well I haven't watch Elfen Lied, maybe I I should watch it, I really liked Higurashi but My favorite is Hellsing Ultimate, It is actually my favorite anime, I love Alucard and Integra Hellsing, I really didn't care for Seras that much, but I have to say she is badass too. About Higurashi, Its a pretty good anime, at the beginning I was so confused. I liked mostly all of the characters except for Takano Miyo, she kept pissing me off with her laugh, I didn't like the way she was but I guess at the end I understood why she was like that.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Hellsing Ultimate is much better than Hellsing IMO

    and better out the 3

    & Im currently watching Higurashi

    Elfen lied was good but I did not like most of the characters

  • JCT
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    I haven't watched Hellsing, but I've seen Highrashi and Elfen Lied.

    Higurashi, I thought was pretty good, when it's just all cute innocent characters having fun in day life. Whereas in night time they become blood thirsty killers (Some of them) which is pretty damn creepy but Awesome!

    But I got confused at every 5 episodes when characters who have been killed are now back in the story. Just like Kenny from South Park haha.

    I don't like the opening theme for it, it kinda cringes me..

    Elfen Lied was really good but also very sad for me. I do like Lucy with her badass powers! I felt a lot of tension during the story. And yes I agree with you when you said "Too many naked 8 year olds -_-" it felt so awkward for me when I was watching it with my girlfriend.

    It had a great storyline and a good but sad love story, that it just makes me want to protect my girlfriend even more, you know what I mean?

    But out of the two, my best would be Elfen Lied! :)

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