How do I talk to her? I don't have the guts to talk to her?

Okay hi im gay and I've been in two relationships by far. So there's this girl in my college and she's VERY pretty and I would love to know her but if I do then I might fall for her and well she might be straight. So this one day our lecture got over so she was there outside the university and I was standing on the opposite side of the road. She was talking to one of her guy friends and I was talking to mine but while she was talking to him she was constantly looking at me. As soon as I went back inside the university she went back home. And now she's in all my lectures suddenly. so today I wasn't hoping to see her since I have to go somewhere but I went for a test in the morning. Surprisingly just 30 seconds before the test started she came in and was sitting next to me but I didn't talk to her. Then again she was smoking outside and as soon as I went away she went back inside. What do you think? Okay maybe I'm just assuming but I wanna hear what you guys think. Btw I'm still in the closet and my university doesn't have an LGBT community. Let's say she is do I gather the courage to approach her? She's always with her friends and doesn't talk to anyone. You have to approach her really. Seems like she's shy. Though I've seen a lot of guys try talking to her and she only talks to guys. I mean she talks to girls too but since mostly only guys talk to her she has more of guy friends but then they approach her. What to do?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Well you seem to have a lot of chances to talk to her so when you get your next chance just start up a conversation, obviously don't flirt or anything because you're not sure if she is straight or not but just go for it and start a conversation, get to know and then whenever you see her you can wave at her etc. And could develop it from there and if you get close enough to her she might tell you about her sexuality

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