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Should I see a doctor, will this go away on it's own?

So this is going to be gross but, in the past week I have had 5 seperate occurances in which I thought passed gas but also a little bit of diarrhea as well! This is obviously extremely uncomfortable, and I have had to leave work to go home and shower/change on two seperate occasions.

I know that this is not normal, and considering the frequency of something like this which has never happened to before this is somewhat alarming. I am considering going to a doctor for I cannot afford to continue having these 'interruptions'.

Can anyone give some advice and/or helpful experiences/remedies? I thought about an adult diaper but that seems ridiculous and embarrassing. Would woman period pads be an option for a short term resolution until I can see a doctor?

Thanks in advance.

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    I would suggest you use the toilet to pass gas for now.

    Second, look at your diet. You may have a food allergy such as to dairy products or to wheat. You need to take a probiotic so that your stool is hard enough so that it doesn't come out like that when you pass gas and so that you have regular bowel movements that are more "solid."

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