he said he was just trying to get down my pants?

so this guy tried to kiss em but i frozzzze so he said it was fine but then just a few minutes ago he said that he doesnt want to talk anymore and he was just trying to get down my pants :( but he made me meet his mom and even begged me to let him come to my grandpas birthday party. yea my grandpas. he tried to kiss me after meeting his mom and i frozzze and he said it was okay but then just now said he didn't want anything to do with me and was just trying to get down my pants but i was a waste of time :( what happened i need to get happy fast before my step mom and cousin get home i dont want them to know they will flip and do something stupid like message him and tell him off and that just will make it worse i need help :'(


im only 14 and hes 16 im not planning on getting married for a very very long time. im very shy and that's why i frozze i didn't even want to text him in the first place but everyone told me to i knew none of this was going to work...

Update 2:

i didn't do anything with him either he tried to kiss me and i frozze i have never kissed anyone ever. im a lame i didn't even know him until a few days ago his older sister is my olde cousins friend and i met him at a bowling alley my cousin and step mom were the ones who pushed me to even text him :(

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  • 8 years ago
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    That guy is an asshole

  • 8 years ago

    You deserve so much better!! Guys are assholes, you seem young with the way you type so don't let one guy get you down. That was messed up of him to have you meet his mom and him meet your grandparents. But don't talk to him again! And in the future don't ever let a guy talk you in to do things you don't want, even if he says he'll leave you. Let him leave because it shows he never cared. I'm really sorry that happened to you :( Try and stay strong you'll find a good guy eventually.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Omg, what a terrible guy. Do not take your pants and panties off for him. He'll just use you for his sexual pleasure, then he'll just leave you, and you might get pregnant.

    He made you meet his mom? I'd say do not marry him! He'll be too controlling.

    Dump his ***$, and find a guy that will make you happy, and takes things slow.

  • 8 years ago

    Just.... tell that guy to leave you alone... he's an idiot...

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