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Bears training camp less than 2 weeks away. Bears fans, what are you most excited to see this season?


TWO ways the Bears improved? I can do better than that

1) Addressed their BIGGEST weakness. Fired the incompetent inept imbecile of a head football coach and his staff of mostly failures and rejects. Replaced him with the most accomplished and best qualified hire of the 2013 Head Coaching carousel. All his assistants and coordinators were hired from successful winning programs where they have enjoyed success at their craft.

2) Addressed their second biggest 6 some protection. Dramatic upgrades in both Free Agency and the draft to bolster the offensive line and foster competition on the practice field.

3) Signed one of the best, most versatile Tight Ends available in free agency a young, solid back up TE ready to become a starter in the NFL.

4) slight upgrades to the linebacker position, also addressed much needed depth at that position.

Shall I continue?

The reality is the Bears are a DRASTICALLY better team coaching and personnel wise than they were in 2012

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    I'm really looking forward to the Bears getting an a** whopping from the GB, Bears will suck.


    -Yes I agree Lovie had to go because he couldn't get wins in big games but replacing him with a CFL coach is not going to work. It is like bringing up a college coach, the game is completely different and yes he may have been an assistant before but that is nothing compared to being in charge of everything.

    -I completely disagree about the draft as I feel the Bears had one of the worst this year. They got no one that could come take over immediately and with the past history of drafting awful O Linemen I feel Long was a bad 1st pick. Maybe some of the players will turn out later, but definitely not this year.

    -Bennett has talent but the Bears really need to focus on WRs not TEs. *The Bears should have kept Olsen a few years back.

    -The Bears did not get better at LB, as Urlacher retired (even though he wasn't a great player anymore he was the team leader). Briggs is getting older and probably will start declining in his play level.

    ***Here is your schedule

    Week 1 Cincinnati (Loss): They have a younger more talented team that will probably win their division.

    Week 2 Minnesota (Win): You will win because you are at home but it'll be a close game.

    Week 3 Pittsburgh (Loss): Too much talent, will get blown out.

    Week 4 Detroit (Loss): Detroit will rebound and since it is in Detroit they will win.

    Week 5 Saints (Win): New Orleans will continue to struggle defensively and you'll win.

    Week 6 NY Giants (Loss): It'll be close though.

    Week 7 Washington (Win): RG3 will have a Sophomore slump and you'll win.

    Week 8 Bye

    Week 9 Packers (Loss): You will get blown out as GB is better in EVERY position and it is in GB.

    Week 10 Detroit (Win): You will win at home vs Detroit.

    Week 11 Baltimore (Loss): Yeah they lost talent but they still won the SB and are better than you.

    Week 12 St Louis (Loss): St. Louis is going to make the playoffs this year, I guarantee it.

    Week 13 Minnesota (Loss): You are away and it'll be a hard fought divisional battle which you lose.

    Week 14 Dallas (Win): Dallas can't win at the end of the year so you should be fine.

    Week 15 Cleveland (Win): Too many unknowns about Cleveland for them this year.

    Week 16 Philadelphia (Loss): With a weak NFC East Phili will be playing for the playoffs and will win.

    Week 17 Packers (Loss): You are not going to beat the Packers!

    -Overall 6-10

    Bears will have a bad season as they will have to rebuild key pieces and will have to learn a new coach and his system. Overall their will be a lack of chemistry. Bears will continue to struggle on offense due to their lack of WR talent. Defense will of course be good but you need offense to score.

  • Third down punts!

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