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what age does a child have to be to choose which parent he wants to live with?

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    Its up to the parents to go to court and for the court to decide. A child can't make that decision as a minor.

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    Most US States, official age is 14 however courts listen to a child's wishes by age 12. Parent with whom child wants to live with must be agreeable to having child live with them and they need to start porcess fro obtaining custody. If the parent being left disputes, the court can order counseling with a neutral court approved family therapist who will meet with the child about 3 times, parents together and individually, then will make a recommendation to the court.

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    The child can have a choice and the court will take it in to consideration but the court has the ultimate say. The older the kid is the more say the kid has.

    Source(s): I was the kid in this situation and thats what my dad's lawyer told me.
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    If there is a custody battle, I've heard that some judges will take into account what kids want if they're older (I'm assuming at least teenagers).

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