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why Brock Lesnar doesn't use his all moves now like before ?

since brock returned to wwe again (2012), he doesn't use his all moves like he were in 2002-2004. now he only use Gernen Suplex, Belly to Belly Suplex, Kimura and F5. why he doesn,t use his all moves such as his awesome submission moves, his painful slams and suplexes ?

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    WWE's PG Product has restricted some moves from wrestlers that they used in the past that is why.

  • I think you should ask Brock Lesnar that. I've asked that same question ever since he came back. Brock Lesnar went away from what made him Brock Lesnar combining The Amateur Wrestling Skills with Professional Wrestling. Since Brock Lesnar does not make public appearances for WWE, he is never around to answer such questions.

  • okay jim i am @ bob lesnar doesn't need all his moves to finish his opponent...And because of his beast gimmick ...thats it well if he needs some more moves to take down his opponent there is no doubt he will use it...maybe when he turn face or become a champ. Than he will become more dominant as he was before...

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