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Deep rooted belief continued?

Hi I just asked a question on how to get rid of deep rooted beliefs, I left out some information. I have a fear the dead can hear my thoughts and I am scared of them, I just posted a question on here about this, this past week and got a good answer. I know that the belief is not true now, but my mind won't let it go.

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    Hmm... Your problem is very fixable. First you need to try to change your mind because it's a lie and it's not true. You have to know that it's not true dude. You see your belief is rooted in fear and fear makes us think things are real when they are not. I also want to say that you need to work on your social skills which means you need to communicate with people more. Usually people who have problems like this are introverted and are stuck in their minds most of the time. Now most importantly your negative thought pattern can be cured very easily if you ask help from Jesus. Because your problem could be generational and it probably needs to be cast out, and when you pray to Jesus and believe that he's going to take it away then those voices will go away, I promise. But truly its not a big problem, it's probably demonic in related and can be cast out.

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    Got it. Well man, I'd just pray for God to take those thought out if your mind, if you're a Christian. If you're not, however, then I urge you to really look into it by reading the bible for yourself.

    Also, an accountability partner that's older and wiser would help you. Telling them every time it happens can bring you back to reality, especially when they encourage you to remember the truth.

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